Monday, June 21, 2010

"My Kind of Beach Day"

Isn't this the ideal beach at which to spend the afternoon? Having the water and the beach all to oneself. Or just enjoying the slight breeze sitting on a bench in the shade. A Virtual Paintout painting for the June Hawaii month. It was fun taking some virtual trips thruout the islands. Probably the only way I'll ever get to see them. Lots of water scenes and tropical foliage. I particularly liked the shape of these trees. Not sure what they are.
Technique Tip: In a scene, using a cool and a warm pigment of same hue gives good contrast and punch. In this I used WinsorNewton Blue/grn and WN Ultramarine. One cooler than the other.
"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. This is my kind of beach day too! Lovely painting, like it alot!

  2. Love all your artwork! The colors on this are lovely. I wish I were that guy sitting back and relaxing on the bench!

    Thanks for your comment at my blog. I really appreciate feedback, especially from an accomplished artist such as yourself, since I'm still learning. (The actual photo had several people standing on that large rock overlooking the beach---possibly getting ready to jump off---but I chose to just put that one man. Glad it worked aesthetically in the end!)

    P.S. Loved your quote about God is small enough to curl inside your heart. I needed to read that today! May God continue to bless your talent!

  3. I love the muted tones and blended details you achieved in this painting. That man is so lucky to be sitting where he is! The tree is my favorite. So light and airy yet bright and cheery.

  4. Very nice! I like the guy ready to dive in!