Saturday, September 12, 2009

"The Yellow Tulips"

These yellow tulips look so good against their complement. One of my favorite windowed renderings. This was on display at SNHMedical Center Cafe and I'm so happy that it found its home with Mary Ann Bettilyon from Hollis, NH.
Technique Tips: First of all one should have a definite light source. This one coming from top, right. Resulting highlights and opposing shadows give the bulbous form to each flower. Notice that the flower cups overlap, but not in a regular fashion. This keeps the connection between them & interesting positions. The poured background is fun to manipulate and direct. Makes the artist feel like a director of a magnificent orchestra. In this one I purposely created and then used the dreaded watercolor "blooms" to give special texture. R...
♥ "God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame." ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning (19 1/8 x 16")


  1. I can see why this painting has a proud owner. I really like the "window" format and the colors are wonderful.

  2. I like the window format on these paintings also - this is a beautiful painting - yellow is not an easy color to use.

  3. Love it, love it! When I was playing with watercolor, I always wanted to do one of these window formats and never had the nerve (and that was a good thing since watercolor and I don't go well together)! This is so beautiful, well thought out and flawlessly executed! The blooms give the piece an ethereal feel.

  4. Vicki, thanks for your comments. Your comments pinpoint the objectives of this piece.

    Barbara, thanks, ditto on the comment about "yellow".

    Rosemary, Thanks, and now that you have the tip on T-square & type of DUCK to use, you can polish off a number of these window effects with surety and confidence that it'll work. Wonder if circles would work? I'll have to consider that effect, too & use circle template. Of course, there's the problem of color theory that has to be worked out also -- always takes a lot of my thought process beforehand.

    Everybody, I so appreciate all your comments and thoughts. It gives great encouragement to get the next piece in the works. Thank you, thank you, thank you.