Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"The Red Shovel"

Sean is an interesting young man. When I first met him, he was about 4 yrs. old as in this rendering and
literally a stranger to no one. And, he was ready to take on any thing no matter for what age level. Here he is ready to take on the sand castle crowd or is it a dig to China. There is
resolve in that stance.
TechniqueTip: Use of varying the size of planes across scene. Note sky, water, beach, each has a different size and different shape line across paper.
Make sure horizon line is straight visually. Also this line should never be dead center. R...
♥ "Courage is not absence of fear, but mastery over it."
(15 X 18") owned by Jennie & Stan Carpenter, Pitman, NJ

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