Friday, April 17, 2009

"Backyard Ladies"-one of the early arrivals of spring

When we moved to the NH area, I asked our new neighbor if she had ever seen lady slipplers in the area. She told me they as well as wild blueberries were growing all over the surrounding woods. Our yard is basically the woods so I went hunting, never dreaming that these ladies would be close by. To my amazement they were growing right in our back yard - literally 20 steps from the back door. Of course, I used them for the composition above. These are a protected species and must never be picked -- or disturbed as they don't transplant well either. There is a place in Vermont where you can get domesticated versions (easy to Google).
Technique: This is called windowing. First the drawing is put in place along with marking carefully for the window. To create both areas of color is a matter of taping off with masking tape and painting each area at different times. The flowers were masked out during the process of background painting. It's fun to let the watercolor do its thing. Still controlled by the painter, the result is always an exciting surprise. R...
♥ "Embrace the unpredictable and go exploring for things that inspire you."
 (20 1/4 x 16) matted & framed in gold frame, all archival materials.

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  1. Thank you for your tips! I really like how you did the background and appreciate your explaining the process.